Ultimate Hotel SEO Guide

The digital age has come as both a challenge and an opportunity for hotel and hospitality industry. It is forcing marketing strategies to transform in a dramatic speed in order to compete with the new age. There are many websites making use of hotel SEO to do online marketing. These websites works as the cornerstone of the hotel industry as far as marketing is concerned.

No matter how functional and beautifully designed your site is, without the right hotel SEO, you’ll get no bookings. The secret is creating channels that drive traffic to your site. This is where the issue of choosing the right hotel SEO and keywords come in. Below are some of the tips that will make your hotel and hospitality site a real success.

1.    Develop Targeted Keyword Research

For beginners, it is important to understand what hotel SEO is all about. In simple terms, this is the Search Engine Optimization that hotel websites use to attract visibility and traffic to their site. There are different search engines and the major one is Google.

When it comes to the Keywords, these are the words and phrases that prospective clients use to find your hotel. Google algorithm also uses the same keywords to match your website. Therefore, to have things moving, ensure you choose marketable keywords.

2.    Go Local

Once you come up with a marketable list of keywords, it is now time to ensure that you work on the loading speed of your site. This is an important aspect of every hotel SEO and dictates its success or failure. Once you are good at this, the last and the most important thing is to arrow down to a particular area.

For example, you can choose to talk about hotels in your city and its environs. This eliminates competition with many other sites providing general information.


once your hotel SEO narrows down to a certain location, major on the benefits of your location. Let your viewers have a clear picture of what to expect when they visit that particular city. Give as much information as possible.